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Mamaroneck, NY

Philip was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) last year after he developed optic neuritis, an inflammation of the optic nerve that causes eye pain and vision loss. His symptoms now include tremors, spasticity, eye pain, pain in his extremities, nausea, vertigo and tingling. These symptoms are often debilitating, and Philip often misses work due to his illness.

After learning how medical marijuana has helped many patients suffering from MS, Philip began to use it. Philip explains, “Medical marijuana has helped me manage all of my symptoms.  It is like a miracle drug for me.”  Medical marijuana has also helped alleviate his concerns about the side effects of prescription medications. He explains, “I try not to take too much medication. I worry about my liver. Medical marijuana helps me deal with my symptoms without the negative side effects.”

Since medical marijuana is not legal in New York, Philip is forced to break the law in order to seek relief. Philip says, “I feel like I’m being compared to a criminal, and I’m not one. I’m not a person looking for a high. I’m a hardworking New Yorker. I went to college and got an MBA. Now, I’m just trying to get through life. Medical marijuana is the one thing that has helped me handle this disease. I don’t want to wait years or have to move to another state in order to get it legally.”