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Lisa S.

Little Falls, NY

Lisa, a lifelong resident of New York and former medical researcher, has been a practicing nurse for twenty five years. After working for many years with oncology and rheumatology patients and seeing how medical marijuana benefited them, she began reading the literature on marijuana’s medicinal benefits. She explains, “The science shows that medical marijuana helps with pain, nausea, appetite and chemotherapy side-effects. It can be used for many purposes.”

In her work as a registered nurse, Lisa has seen the many ways in which medical marijuana has relieved the suffering of sick patients. She says that patients frequently ask about medical marijuana; however, since it is not legal in New York State, she cannot recommend it to her patients. Lisa explains, “Healthcare providers are not allowed to recommend that patients use medical marijuana even though it is a natural medicine for many conditions. They are afraid to talk about it. The government should not be telling healthcare providers that they cannot recommend a medication that they think will help their patients.”

Lisa cannot recommend a medication that she thinks will help her patients and must watch her patients suffer needlessly.