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Buffalo, NY

Amanda is a thirty-three year old cancer survivor originally from Buffalo, NY. Having always been healthy and physically fit, Amanda’s cancer diagnosis at the age of thirty-one came as a complete shock.

Her life changed in an instant. Due to her treatments and the numerous surgeries, she was no longer able to complete her studies and fell into a state of depression.

Amanda was prescribed a host of pain medications for her symptoms, but none of them helped her. “Marinol made me nauseous…I honestly believe the medicines added to my sickness,” says Amanda.

Amanda began taking medical marijuana to stimulate her appetite, relieve her pain, and ease her nausea from the chemotherapy. “It worked instantly and really helped to lift my spirits,” she says. Amanda is now recovering from her experience and credits medical marijuana with helping her survive. When asked about having to break the law in order to alleviate her pain, Amanda says, “It was awful… marijuana should at least be an option.”

New York does not currently permit the medicinal use of marijuana, so Amanda was forced to choose between breaking the law and relief from her painful symptoms associated symptoms. This is a choice no one should have to make.