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Troy, NY

Nancy, a mother of four and grandmother of three, has battled cancer on-and-off since 1993. Since then, she has successfully overcome two bouts of breast cancer, colon cancer and throat cancer.

During her various chemotherapy treatments, Nancy suffered from many side effects, including pain, nausea, vomiting, appetite loss and fatigue. She says, “I never thought of using medical marijuana, since it’s not legal, but it could have helped me so much.” During her most recent chemotherapy treatment, in 2011, Nancy developed such a severe aversion to fluids and food that she lost 40 pounds in 3 months.

During this period, she became so dehydrated that she developed permanent kidney damage, which she is now working to manage with a nephrologist and urologist.

She explains, “If I had had medical marijuana, I wouldn’t be dealing with the nephrologist and urologist now. Medical marijuana could have done away with some of the nausea and dry heaving that I experienced when I was undergoing chemotherapy treatment.”

Nancy was forced to suffer and continues to suffer as a result of not having had access to medical marijuana in New York. This is something no cancer patient should have to face.