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Long Island, NY

Almost sixteen years ago Jeff was diagnosed with HIV. As a result of his illness, Jeff missed work for six months. Once a manager at a medical inventory company, Jeff now struggles to cope with his symptoms. These include neuropathy, severe muscle pains in his thighs and legs, and daily nausea.

Jeff has tried many different muscle relaxants and nausea medications, but none had been successful. After careful research and advice from friends, Jeff was able to alleviate his pain by using marijuana. “Just a small amount made a world of difference,” he says.

With the passing of legislation in neighboring states Jeff now struggles with the decision to remain a New York resident, “Should I really have to move just to find relief?” he asks.

Unfortunately, for Jeff and many others, New York does not currently permit the medicinal use of marijuana so their only options are to break the law or suffer with pain. This is a choice no one should have to make.