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New York, NY

Exponents is a community based organization dedicated to helping people suffering from the effects of substance abuse began in 1988 and pioneered the substance abuse treatment and harm reduction model used across the world. Exponents assist individuals in stabilizing their personal lives by providing access into primary health care, mental health care, etc.

Having treated thousands of New Yorkers suffering with severe illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and other chronic conditions, Exponents supports the value of using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Clients who were using various medications for appetite and nausea are now able to control their symptoms and proceed with the treatment provided. “We see it as very helpful and we would like to see help become less stigmatized” says Howard Josepher, Founder, President and CEO.

Exponents believes the compassion shown in allowing the medicinal use of marijuana will help to de-stigmatize addiction and bring more people to treatment. When asked if supporting medical marijuana was dangerous in regards to substance abuse, Executive Vice President and COO Sam Rivera replied “Not if we support that person similar to the way we support individuals on medically assisted treatments like methadone, buprenorphine or other psychotropic drugs.” Mr. Josepher and Mr. Rivera ended by saying “View it as medicine and no medicine appropriately used should hinder or get in the way of a client’s treatment or recovery.”