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The March for Compassion Video Series- Anna’s story

By Compassionate Care NY

This is part of the March for Compassion video series highlighting the importance of medical marijuana for Anna Conte of Orchard Park, NY – an 8 year-old with Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of intractable epilepsy. Anna’s family is calling on New York legislators to pass the Compassionate Care Act as soon as possible. Anna has tried and failed 13 anti-epileptic medications, been hospitalized numerous times, is on 16 rounds of heavy medication that affects her daily living, and continues to suffer from seizures. Her family is now considering moving her to Colorado to access medical marijuana treatment. The Compassionate Care Act needs to be passed in New York immediately, so that Anna can stay in her home with her family and receive the care she needs through medical marijuana.

2 thoughts on “The March for Compassion Video Series- Anna’s story”

  1. Maggi Fox says:

    For the love of God help this girl! What grounds are you standing on? It has been proven over and over works. Is there no money for you in it? Is that the problem? What if this was your child? Get over your 1960″s fears, really take a look at the advances. Learn grow, Vote to pass these laws.

  2. Susan Rusinko says:

    Please call Governor Cuomo, Senators Skelos, Klien, Hannon. Tell them some New Yorkers do NOT and CAN NOT WAIT! We need the Compassionate Care Act! Not only is a family having to move and leave loved ones and friends behind, we will be loosing a business in New York State. Please call everyday.

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