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The March for Compassion Video Series- gabriel sayegh

By Compassionate Care NY

This is part of the March for Compassion video series highlighting the importance of medical marijuana for advocates across New York. On behalf of the thousands of New Yorkers in need of medical marijuana treatment, gabriel sayegh, of the Drug Policy Alliance and Compassionate Care New York, is calling on the New York Senate to pass the Compassionate Care Act. This act will bring comprehensive and tightly regulated medical marijuana to New York State, for patients with serious medical conditions to access under the supervision of their healthcare providers.

One thought on “The March for Compassion Video Series- gabriel sayegh”

  1. Robert B. Rockwell, M.D. says:

    Although passing a bill enabling people to get marijuana through some sort of controlled medical dispensary, the doses of “hemp oil” which have been recommended for cancer treatment are currently impossibly expensive. For example the recommended dose of 1 gram a day of hemp oil would cost minimally $1500 a month in a Colorado or California dispensary. The only viable option is to grow it yourself. A law for medical marijuana should also include the possibility to grow marijuana for one’s own personal use.

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