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The March for Compassion Video Series – Jim Lister

This video is part of the March for Compassion video series highlighting the importance of medical marijuana for James Lister of New York City - a person living with AIDS. James is calling on NYS Senate leadership, Senator Dean Skelos and Senator Jeffrey Klein, to support the Compassionate Care Act. The Compassionate Care Act (CCA) is comprehensive medical marijuana legislation that will help hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who are living with HIV/AIDS, and other debilitating conditions, access the treatment they need.

One thought on “The March for Compassion Video Series – Jim Lister”

  1. Antonio says:

    Why is governer Chris Cristy more open minded than our Mr. Cuomo, it’s rediculous. Kids already have a comprehensive medical marihuana bill in neighboring New Jersey so why is it that arrogant New York doesn’t have compassion for our patients yet? It’s 2014

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