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The March for Compassion Video Series - Joan Sheehan

This is part of the March for Compassion video series highlighting the importance of medical marijuana for Joan Sheehan of the Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer (CRAAB!). She is advocating on behalf of breast cancer patients in support of the Compassionate Care Act (CCA). The CCA is comprehensive medical marijuana legislation that will help hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers burdened by debilitating conditions including, but not exclusive to cancer, access the treatment they need.

Join Joan Sheehan of the Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer (CRAAB !) and Compassionate Care NY tonight at A Matter of Compassion forum Capital Region.

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
Check-In 6:00 pm - Program begins at 6:30 pm

One Penny Lane
Latham, NY
Light refreshments served.

Please RSVP here.

2 thoughts on “The March for Compassion Video Series - Joan Sheehan”

  1. thomas monty says:

    As a care giver to my two brothers, who have both past. One from aids the other brain cancer I can atest to the goodness of medical marijuana and the symptoms of relief they both felt and exspierienced before they past. All I can say is I hope our law makers are listening to the will of the people,and not, what was said 60 yrs ago by the fear mongers of proabition. Thomas Monty

  2. Thank you so much for all the work you do that is making the world a better place. Thank you! Please let me know if there’s anyway I might be able to help you. I only found out about your event just now

    Crystal Cuddeback
    Hudson Valley NORML

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