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In 2014 the Compassionate Care Act (CCA) passed, legalizing medical cannabis in New York State. Unfortunately, under the current Act very few patients are eligible for New York’s medical marijuana program.

Only 10 conditions qualify patients to receive medical marijuana in the state. For instance, PTSD and Alzheimer’s are two serious conditions not covered by the CCA. If you think New York leaders should expand the medical marijuana to include these conditions sign our petition here:

Lift the Limits!

Dear Commissioner Zucker,

I am signing this petition to advocate for critical changes to New York's medical marijuana program. I believe the program should provide greater access to New Yorkers suffering from debilitating diseases such as PTSD and Alzheimers, offer low income access to families living in poverty, and allow access to whole plant and wider variety of therapeutic strains. Patients across New York are suffering needlessly. I urge you to take immediate action so that all those who might benefit from medical marijuana have the access they need.


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Expanding covered conditions is just one of the problems with NY’s medical marijuana program. Some other concerns are:

  1. Unlike programs in Massachusetts and Colorado, there are no provisions in the law or regulations for low income families, while 15% of New Yorkers are living below the poverty level.
  2. There will only be 20 dispensaries spread across the entire state, forcing patients to travel long distances to get medicine.
  3. New York’s program prohibits the smoking of marijuana in whole plant form, despite strong scientific evidence that supports the medicinal efficacy of whole plant consumption.

In July 2015, five registered organizations were selected to manufacture and sell marijuana for medicinal use. The program is slated to begin in January 2016.

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