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The March for Compassion Video Series – Morgan’s Story

This is part of the March for Compassion video series highlighting the importance of medical marijuana for the family of Morgan Jones, North Salem, NY. The Jones family calls on the New York State legislature to pass the Compassionate Care Act. Morgan, 3 years old, suffers from Dravet Syndrome — a severe form of epilepsy that causes persistent seizures. Prescription drugs, many not FDA approved for someone her age, have proved ineffective, but the considerable research on medical marijuana shows significant promise.

One thought on “The March for Compassion Video Series – Morgan’s Story”

  1. Muriel Hintz says:

    This is my beautiful granddaughter, she is growing so tall with such a wonderful smile. I pray that medical marijuana will soon be available to her so that the possibility of her quality of life improving can be achieved.


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